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You can advertise to the local community on Radio Shark, the only  local LIVE direct access to the tourists and residents available.  It is a great opportunity to promote your business AND support community radio. We  can work together to design a custom advertising plan for you  - inexpensively.  

Take advantage of  low early rates as we grow... 

Options include:

  Advertising spots



​ Remotes

 Cross promotions

 Contra arrangements


 There are many visitors driving around in their vehicles listening to Radio Shark, searching for services such as yours. 

Let them know you are here!

 Call us at 8373-1173, email us at the contact page, or just stop us on the  streets of Tamarindo and we can figure out a program that works best for you and your organization. 

You'll be pleasantly surprised how affordable it will be!

Listen Live! Listen Live!